☺️How to use ChainAware.ai?

ChainAware.ai is available for everyone and for the businesses

Fraud Detection for Users

  • Use AI-based Crypto Fraud Detection Services and calculate Fraud Scores for any addresses at Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, or TON

  • Use AI-based Predictive Rug PullDetector and calculate predictive fraud scores for the pools (especially for the early pools).

  • Use the Wallet Auditor and gather a lot of valuable statistics about the wallets - intentions, experience, willingness to take risks, etc

  • Share your Wallet Audit with your business partners or friends

  • Calculate your AI-based Credit Score

  • Subscribe to the Telegram Bot

  • Subscribe to the Discord Bot

Fraud Detection for Businesses

  • Crypto Transaction Monitoring for identifying fraudulent addresses

  • Crypto Credit Scoring for determining the best borrowers

AdTech and 1:1 User Targeting for Businesses

  • Web3 User Analytics Dashboard

  • 1:1 User Targeting with the Banners for higher user retention and cross-sales

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