How to use the Discord Bot?

Use the AI-based Discord Bot for the fraud detection, wallet auditing and rug pull detection.

Crypto users are very Discord-affine, so we implemented our telegram bot, which offers fraud detection and wallet audit.


Subscribe telegram bot via:

Free calls

You have initially free calls; if you would like more calls, then please check the subscriptions at

Connect your wallet with the telegram bot

If you need more calls, then you have to connect to the telegram bot via the application:

  1. Connect your wallet in the

  2. Follow the steps from:

Use for Fraud Detection

You can use the command "/fraudcheck" for fraud detection - enter the address (either regular address, ENS, or Unstoppable Domains address) and choose the network:

Use for the Wallet Auditing

You can use the command "/walletaudit" for the wallet auditing, for example:

Use for Predictive Rug Pull Detection

You can use the command "/rugpullcheck" for the predictive rug pull detection, for example:

Use the referral system

You have a chance to earn SMARTCREDIT tokens via our Referral Competitions.

You get your referral link from the Referral Leaderboard after connecting the wallet or via our Discord Bot (use the "/invite" command).

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