How to use Predictive Fraud Detector

You can use AI-based Predictive Crypto Fraud Detector for free. Its predictive auccracy is 98%. Additionally, it does all the forensic checks of the addresses.

AI-based Predictive Crypto Fraud Detector

Crypto Fraud Detector is based on AI-based algorithms. It has 98% predictive power.

Follow these three steps for any non-contract wallet:

  1. Chose the network (Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, or TON)

  2. Enter the wallet address (it can be an ENS or Unstoppable Domains address, too)

  3. Calculate

See a short demo here:

The following outputs are possible:

  1. The address is a contract address. algorithms work only on regular addresses. However, you can use the AI-based Predictive Rug Pull Detector on contract addresses.

  2. The address is new, i.e., with less than 10-15 transactions - the calculation is not possible for the new addresses

  3. The address has been marked in the forensic databases as a scam address - any address tagged in the forensic databases is considered 100% fraud.

  4. The algorithm will show the last calculated result for the given address.

  5. Users can choose to recalculate the new score. If the address has many transactions, this might take 3-4 seconds.

  6. You can share the calculation link with business partners and friends.

Use via Telegram Bot

You can access fraud detection from the telegram bot via the command "/fraudcheck".

Use via Discord Bot

You can access fraud detection from the Discord bot via the command "/fraudcheck".

Use via Google Chrome Extension

If you use Chrome-based browsers, then you can install the Google Chrome extension

Call direct Fraud Detection API

You can access the Fraud Detection API directly via You need an API key for this, which you can get via your profile:

If you want to do API calls, then you have to purchase a subscription via

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