How to use Crypto Credit Score?

Crypto Credit Score allows to separate good borrowers from the less good borrowers.

Crypto Credit Scoring

Lenders are interested to know the Crypto Credit Scoring of the borrowers. AI-based blockchain analytics calculations are done for every account automatically in the background.

The crypto trust score is based on the following calculations:

  • AI-based blockchain analytics of inflows and outflows from the Ethereum account and other blockchain-based data

  • AI-based Crypto Fraud Score

  • Social graph analysis

A better crypto trust score means:

  • Fewer payments into the Loss-Provision Fund for the borrower, which means less interest to be paid to the borrower

  • Better collateral ratio while borrowing

Separating good Borrowers from less good Borrowers

AI-based Crypto Credit Score enables separating good clients from less good clients. And it allows offering better conditions for better clients.

It is available in the Enterprise Subscription mode (via )

  • The primary usage is via the API (Enterprise Subscription provides you with the API key)

  • Secondary usage is possible via the user interface - see the demo here (the login wallet is connected with the Enterprise Account)

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