1:1 Targeting

1:1 Targeting enables intention based 1:1 targeting of your end users.

Getting Started

Most Web3 applications show the same user interface and send the same messages to all users. It works. But it has low conversion rates.

Most Web2 applications are adaptive user interfaces - the user interfaces are adapted based on the user's intentions - for example, users with borrowing intentions see different screens than those with trading intentions.

ChainAware offers 1:1 Targeting and enables adaptive user interfaces. Here is an example of 1:1 Targeting - in ChainAware.ai himself - see the banners on the next image. These banners are defined based on the users intentions and you can place them anywhere on your screens.


You can define as many 1:1 Targeting banners as you want - here is another example from ChainAware.ai - here are the Banners for the "home page", for the "rug pull detection" and for the "fraud detection":

For the "Home Page" - there are the following banners:

For every banner, you can define:

  • the conditions on which these banners are shown

  • the style in WYSIWYG mode

You also have the JavaScript Code for the Integration.


  • You can define the 1:1 Messaging for all your pages

  • You can define 1:1 Messaging based on user behavior or intentions

  • You can easily integrate this into your application

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